Sun Kissed

The sun kisses you with golden lips every morning,

He showers your naked body with his bronze rays,

You are sun kissed.

Your big brown almond shaped eyes brightly sparkle in the light,

Your head is adorned with a beautiful crown of coals.

My tongue wants to probe your soft succulent lips,

Chocolate kisses decorate your round breasts that sit up proudly on your chest,

I know God took his time when he made you,

Both my hands fit around your tiny waist,

Your bottom is arrogant yet soft,

I can’t take my eyes off it, I can’t stop touching it,

Two round glorious coconuts,

Supporting your glory are two intricately sculpted chocolate legs,

Chocolate and coconut my favorite treats,

The craftsmanship of your body,

Beautiful, black body,

I see God’s hand print when I look at you,



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