Don’t be a Meredith Grey but try to have her luck.

I’m only now just discovering the Grey’s Anatomy phenomena. I can admit that I am now a Grey’s Anatomy zob. I don’t admire Ellen Pompeo’s (the actor that plays Meredith Grey) acting but I admit that I am jealous of Meredith Grey’s luck.  Meredith Grey is supposed to be a dark and twisted tall, skinny blonde (sounds like a drink one buys at a bar). She has daddy issues, mommy issues and abandonment issues. This tall skinny blonde ends up having a one night stand and is lucky enough to have it with a neurosurgeon. Not only is he a neurosurgeon but he is FINE, FINE, FINE.

Turns out this neurosurgeon happens to be Meredith’s superior at work, and their romp in the sack was so good that he has to have more.  He has to get to know Meredith more. In fact all the guys at work seem to think that Meredith Grey is hot stuff. Even in scrubs she still manages to get hit on by her patients. 

Meredith Grey’s one night stand turns out to be her knight in shining armor, her prince charming who leaves his wife and marries her. “McDreamy “as he is nicknamed in the show is able to ignore Meredith’s commitment issues and turns his cheek to her promiscuity. He lovingly takes this damaged woman into his heart, into his strong, safe arms and willingly tries to repair her. The brain doctor ends up with the skinny blonde; it’s what fairy tales are made of.

Let’s recap Meredith’s luck, shall we. Meredith Grey, a single, tall, skinny blonde, with a dark and twisted personality has a one night stand with a neurosurgeon.  This neurosurgeon happens to be one of Meredith’s bosses and Meredith is favored by him at work. In the end the super-rich neurosurgeon marries Meredith and they live happily ever after.

In reality, having a life like Meredith Grey would leave one feeling, well, grey. Years of bringing home random men from the bar would have written its story across her face. She would probably take up smoking or drinking to deal with the effects of sleeping with multiple random strangers. Smoking would cause vertical wrinkles to form around her mouth and the chronic drinking would cause her to have a puffy face. So at the bar she would be a wrinkled, puffy faced, smoker in her 30’s. She would not be able to trust men because they hardly ever called back, and even if they did, these men would not be her prince charming. Men would be able to see the emotional baggage from a mile away, and a good man, a man that one could live happily ever after with, would run far, far away. After 50 or so men maybe, number 51 would be the well off neurosurgeon, a prince charming but not for her, she would be his one night stand. Remember don’t be a Meredith Grey or do things like her but try to have her luck.


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