Links of the Week 08/18/2012

1. Modesty: Covering up is not the answer [RubySlippers]

“The point of modest is humility, not protecting lustful men from stumbling. Concealing our bodies doesn’t lead to victory over lust, not for men, not for women.  Just like removing alcohol from a house doesn’t make an alcoholic sober. It can actually make her more voracious.  Blaming a woman for a man’s lust is as asinine as blaming a Vodka label for enticing the alcoholic to drink.

Our bodies are not hurdles for men, but super highways to what it means to be made in God’s image. ‘Dare I say that a woman’s breasts, hips, bottom, and lips all proclaim the glory of the Lord! Each womanly part honors Him. He created the female body, and it is good'”

2. Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer and the Nature of Women’s Work [Hermenuetics]

“The professor was arguing rightly, I believe, that if we cannot coherently account for the desires and passions, the tensions and realities, that are most near to us in our flesh, we cannot account for a faith that makes sense of the whole world. In short, he was arguing for a holistic understanding of vocation that insisted on a rich understanding of embodiment. I find this connection especially critical for women whose potential for childbearing seems to be ever at play in questions of vocation. For women, making sense of the work of our bodies, whether actually or potentially, is essential for coherently living out the fullness and diversity of vocation.”

3. Take A Load Off, Family: Black Women, Hair, And The Olympic Stage [Racialicious]

Beyond my skepticism about the practicality of a skull saddled with multiple packages of Indian Remy in elite competition (and a testament to our excellence is that we still slay), I am concerned about the witness it offers of our esteem, the invidiousness of European beauty standards, and the message our adaptations to them send young black girls interested in sport. I am saddened that so many of us equate looking our best with extension-assisted styles. Must we weave, wig, braid in extensions before we hit the pitch, track, mat, slough? I don’t buy that the ubiquity of yaki is about convenience. Show me the receipts.

4. Racialicious Crush Of The Week: Elita Kalma [Racialicious]

Well, even just a few years ago it was really hard to find photos of modern-looking black women breastfeeding. It was all African/tribal women or really dated photos from old WIC campaigns. That’s definitely changing. More and more companies are using black women as models to sell breastfeeding accessories. The United States Breastfeeding Committee received funding to produce images of breastfeeding to be put in the public domain, and one of the recipients of that funding was the Indiana Black Breastfeeding Coalition.


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