Links of the Week 10/25/2012

1. Guyana Government Supports Chris Brown Concert With Tax Breaks, Anti-violence Activists Cry Foul [Feminist Conversations on Caribbean Life]

“Some activists have argued that Chris Brown should be allowed to perform but the proceeds from the concert should go towards support mechanisms for survivors of intimate partner violence. Others recognise his “right” to perform in Guyana but question the use of tax payer dollars to support his performance.

Some activists have taken issue with the irony that the Chris Brown concert will coincide with 16 days of Activism Against Gender-based violence..”

2. Audacity: Losing My Fear of Outside [Gawker]

“I was a better swimmer than my brother and most of the boys he befriended, but it didn’t stop me from nearly drowning the time three boys held me underwater trying to remove my bikini top. At the time I remember being humiliated. When my top was finally removed, there wasn’t much to see. I was seven. Still, I internalized the attack and sat in our kitchen nook, watching the boys bully my brother in our own backyard, taking over our pool almost ten at a time. At night, I’d sneak into the pool and float on my back and count stars. I’d dream I was queen of my pool, but more importantly, that I alone had dominion over my body.”

3. Andrea Kabwasa [Liquid Salt: Celebrating the culture of Surfing]

“Surfing saved my life. Long version? When I discovered surfing, I was trying to recover from the psychological effects and residue of an abusive relationship. Surfing gave me joy and happiness when I hadn’t felt happiness in years. I will never forget my drive home after my first surfing lessons. I was filled with a pure happiness, the kind of happiness that wasn’t connected to anything or anyone. I was simply happy.”


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