Links of the Week 11/24/2012

1.There are a Million Ways to Get What you Want [Happy Black Woman]

Immediately, I began to feel like a total failure because my decision to pursue a PhD had been very public – on my blog and in my circle of friends. I had told all of my colleagues and peers about my goal to become “Dr. Thurman” only to end up quitting soon after I started. The discomfort was inevitable, but as soon as I quit the PhD madness that was dragging me down, I was inspired to fulfill my purpose using other means. I learned that I didn’t need to have those three letters behind my name to make a difference.

What’s most interesting to me now, as I reflect, is what I did after I quit my PhD program.

I did start changing the world – on my own terms.

I wrote a book to help people build meaningful and rewarding nonprofit careers. I quit my job and went completely out on my own to work on projects that I believed in. I got serious about coaching people on how to access their own leadership skills. I started this blog to fulfill my personal mission to encourage women to live their ideal lives. I started speaking more and doing more and risking more and becoming more of the person I was meant to be.

2. Malala Yusufzai[So she is]

“Malala doesn’t just represent one young woman, she speaks out for all those who are denied an education purely on the basis of their gender.” So says Shahida Choudhary who is campaigning for the 15-year-old symbol of women’s rights to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

3. 30 Things I Learned on My Way to Age 30! [Urban Bush Babes]

This little birdie just turned 30 and I have to say that this year has been eventful to say the least! I have grown leaps and bounds! I got engaged, planned my own wedding, got married in Big Sur, California, honeymooned in Muai, Hawaii for 10 days, moved 1 week later to another state into a house after being in NYC for 27 years, I got a brand new car, and I’m looking for a new job! What else could I have possibly wanted or have done for my 30th birthday??? I didn’t want a thing! I already have more than I deserve and I give all the glory to God for taking my mess of a life and turning it into something I could have never imagined or dreamed up for myself! Here are 30 things that I have learned along the way.


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