Live Well and Live Now: An Old Year Reflection

This past year I lived in a dark space chanting the same old, tired mantra:

Woe is I, I am in my mid-twenties, unemployed and then underemployed with a big masters degree and have no boyfriend or any prospects of marriage. 😦 And I live at home with my parents.

My attitude stank: whining, complaining and ungratefulness.

But I have been thinking, reflecting, reading, praying and observing others living out their lives, and I realized that it is possible, yes possible to live well wherever you are.

We are all waiting for something: love, marriage, adventure, a better job, more money, friendship etc. But in the waiting, we can live now and live well.

I am determined to make my life in the lack, the need, the smallness, and the want. To carve out something beautiful and satisfying.

Happy New Year! May you be surprised by joy and find happiness in the unexpected.

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4 thoughts on “Live Well and Live Now: An Old Year Reflection

  1. Its great that you are so positive about where God has you. Patience is a virtue! He hasn’t forgotten about you and i pray that 2013 is your year! You deserve your heart’s desires 🙂

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