Links of the Week 2/1/2013

1. Questioning Obama, Yes I think I will [Integrated Memoirs]

Last night, I engaged in a debate that involved politics. It was on the subject of the continuous and senseless murdering going on in Chicago. I presented one point of view, and the other debater presented a different point of view. The debate wasn’t the issue; the issue is that I took a stance that *gasp* questioned how our president, Barack Obama, hasn’t spoke much about it, and he hasn’t visited with the families of those victims unlike the victims of other senseless murders in towns that present a different ethnic tone (I’m trying to be PC here…I hope it’s working)…the debate brought to my attention an imperative question, and that is, “Why is it wrong for anyone to question the actions of the president, particularly a black person?”


2. Scandal Creator Smacks Down Criticism Of Her Writing Choices & Why Some Black Women Still Don’t Get It [Acts of Faith]

Olivia Pope is an educated, attractive, feminine and powerful woman. She is a strong woman with a little “s” – not a martyr or a mule. She is flawed, but not depraved. She is also career-driven. Does her complicated love life personify the modern Western woman’s dilemma in showing you can’t have it all (because excelling in a pressure-cooker lifestyle and demanding career requires such a commitment that everything else falls by the wayside? She has a team of associates who refer to themselves as gladiators in suits and they will jump off a cliff for her, yet they are all single and child-free. She is fully three-dimensional and grounded, but is her life an ideal? She’s front and center on the show and the love interest of the most powerful man in the world. Kerry Washington brings a lot of vulnerability and we see her internal struggle at denying the passion she feels for this man however inconvenient it is. The on-screen chemistry between Ms. Washington and Tony Goldwyn as President Fitzgerald Grant is palpable and completely believable. Without it, this romance thread would be DOA and Scandal would be a completely different show. Kudos to Ms. Rhimes for bring out the best in her actors and writing roles that showcase their best work.  I wouldn’t oppose having a real-life moderate Republican President like Grant in office in real-life, especially one whose tv alter ego wants to affect positive change. The bottom line is we’ve not had a character like Olivia Pope before and she shouldn’t be the last.


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