Celebrating Meagan Good’s New Show on NBC


Break out the champagne bottles! Meagan Good is the lead on NBC’s new Monday night drama, Deception.

The last time a black woman was cast as a lead on a major network drama was thirty years ago. And now we have two well-written shows highlighting the beauty and talent of African-American women.

Good plays Joanna Padget Locasto, a narcotics detective who goes undercover to solve the murder of her childhood friend. The pilot starts off with Locasto, Good’s character bursting in on a meth house, tackling an addict and then punching her in the face after being attacked.  Obviously, this is a departure from Good’s previous roles as the sexy female interest in Stomp the Yard and Think Like A Man.

Like Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope in ABC’s Scandal, Good’s character is not cast in a stereotypical light. I love that she is not portrayed as a hypersexual woman. Despite her beauty and jaw-dropping figure, Locasto uses her brains to move forward in life. She enjoys her job as a detective and is willing to use her skills to solve her friend’s murder. Further, I was pleasantly surprised that I did not see hints of the loud black woman like Tasha from The Game, or the wise Negro woman like Bailey from Grey’s Anatomy.

Locasto like Oliva Pope  shatters the dating barriers. She is wanted and pursued by her white teenage crush and her black ex-boyfriend. Locasto demonstrates that black women are not ‘the other’ but are quite capable of being desired by all men of every race.

I am so elated when I see Kerry Washington and Meagan Good in roles that fit outside of the box of what certain people expect to see when they view a show with a black woman in the lead role. I look forward to watching this Monday night’s guilty pleasure.


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